We proudly offer a Veteran and First Responder discount.


Photo Credit - Jim Obester


Divers that need air tanks filled or refilled can contact the below local businesses for hours and availability.

- Sunrise Motel and Diving Resort  in Hoodsport - (360) 877-5301 or http://myweb.hcc.net/sunrise/index.html

- YSS Dive in Hoodsport - (360) 877-2318 or www.YSSDive.com

Rental Equipment / Guided Dives

Check out Jeff of NW Divers.  He can provide equipment rentals for diving at Sund Rock and will even deliver it!

If you prefer to have an expert dive with you, Jeff is a great resource for that as well!


Jim Obester is a regular diver at Sund Rock and takes amazing photos, a lot which are featured on our website.  Check out his website for more at https://jimobester.com/

Pam Treischel is another frequent visitor of Sund Rock.  She is known for her dive photography and blogs, check her out at https://www.nwdivegirl.com/